Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Day

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Just thought I would catch up on a couple of things and see how things are going on for anyone that is still around and say hello.

I have not kept up with my art which makes me sad because I love my art. It keeps my mind straight and helps me to not think of anything except of what I am doing in that moment; which is a good thing for me. I tell myself all the time that I am going to do my art every day and sometimes I do and other times I just let it go for weeks on end. I am still working on my brothers issues and I trust that I will be able to help him get through this time in his life. Im not sure if I have said this in the past but I think its funny how when this all started he was helping me because my husband was working out of town during the week and because of my illnesses my brother and my husband didn't want me to be by myself. So they both thought it would be better if I stayed with him while he was away. Of course not realizing that my brother had his own issues that are in itself much deeper than my own. So in the end we are helping each other and just having someone there for you is a great thing in life. I won't go on as I usually do, but just wanted to thank anyone that stops by and say I am still here and maybe some day I will get it together and get back on back on track.

Thought that I would share a few photos off of Pinterest that I just love.

Hope you enjoy the pictures because I know I just love Pinterest and the fact that others share such beautiful photos.

Love, Light, & Harmony To All:

Regards, CindyLew