Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking A Break From Blogging


Just wanted to leave a note and let you that I have not forgotten about you, but being without my computer has left me with no way to communicate other then with my phone. So hope to get a laptop soon and get back to blogging.

My house got broken into a couple of weeks ago and they took my laptop so it has left me with very little that I can do. Its funny how you don't realize how much you rely on technology until you no longer have it.

Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry...seems alot of that is going around...awfull! just glad you are ok.

  2. Oh no Cindylew! That is terrible! Not the blog, but the break in!!! How scary!!
    I'm sure you will get a new laptop soon and visit me!!
    Hope everything else is doing well! Be safe!!

  3. Dearest sweet cindy, i hope you find a laptop soon and enjoy your little blog break! We will be here waiting as soon as you return! Lots of love to you!

  4. That's more ways than one. I hope to be seeing your blog again soon!


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