Friday, March 9, 2012

Its Been A Long Time


It's been a long time since I last posted, but thought I would post a picture of the drawing that I am going to post to the SketchBook Challenge today. I love drawing flowers and that happens to be this months challenge, so that works for me:-)

Have a blessed day and wonderful weekend.

Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew


  1. Terrific drawing! Thanks for the picture.

    1. thanks, its been a while since i have posted anything. how are you doing? take care

  2. I've missed you Cindy Lew!!
    I love your flowers!
    Hope you are well!!!!!

    1. i miss you too. and i really miss the pink saturdays. LOL i have been collecting some pinks off of pinterest so i can start again. but my health has gotten so much worse that its really hard for me to have the energy to do much. i miss my art, but i still draw a little. let me know how you are doing. take care, cindylew


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