Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!!!!

Welcome and Enjoy!

Please visit for information on how to join in on the fun for Pink Saturday.

Enjoy the morning coffee while looking through the beautiful pinks.

I would love to drive up this road
To get to this house
And drive this car
Wearing these shoes
And sleep in this bed!!!
with love birds singing away
Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and a Blessed Week!!!

Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew


  1. What a dreamy trip that would be!!! Those love birds are the prettiest pink I've seen in a very long while.

  2. Loved this. Wouldn't it be great to do that trip? Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. CindyLew...lovely post and little story. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend...

  4. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I loved all your pink pictures. The road with all the flowers .......WOW!


  5. Happy Pink Saturday CindyLew Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I loved driving up the gorgeous pink filled road to get to the pink house, and what fun in your little pink car with the little pink shoes. That was delightful.

    That bed would be gorgeous to sleep in to the sound of the love birds serenading me. What a dream sweet friend. And then to wake up and find that heavenly, sinful treat. Yummy.

    A beautiful share today. I so enjoyed my visit in your studio. Have a gorgeous Pink Saturday and a wonderful weekend. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  6. Me too...Me too...
    I want to do all that too!
    BTW...That girl with the pink tennas....she doesn't sit very lady like. But I like her skirt too. you suppose that is rose and lavender shave ice?
    Thanks for sharing.....
    Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  7. Oh CindyLew, I would love to go with you, but I think I would walk. I also think I could stand there and admire all the beauty for hours, Char

  8. CindyLew, Don't you just love pink Saturday!ove your pink images!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  9. You transferred us into a lovely pink world...nice tutorial too, I'm sure it will be helpful to many people.

  10. What a picture perfect vision! Love it. Happy PS!

  11. When you find a way to take this journey, let me know I would love to go as well.

  12. What a fun and beautiful trip! Thanks for taking us!
    Hugs to you,

  13. Wonderful pinks my friend!!

  14. Wow, Cindy, wonderful!
    I truly enjoyed the visit. :)

  15. So beautiful...i love pink, who doesn't? I guess this post is sort of like looking at the world through rose colored glasses...I think that's how that goes...I would especially love to be walking up that cobblestone road!

  16. Wow...start off with idec coffee and end up with a sorbet!!! Think those birds are really pink?


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