Saturday, January 22, 2011

New To The Art World:-/

Good Morning,

I realize there is a learning curve to everything we do in life, but I still get upset when I can't seem to get it all just right. I am new to all of this (art and blogging) and still get frustrated when I can't make something look the way I want it too. I have started and tossed two beautiful pictures so far for the challenge. So today I am going to start #3, and as we know; the third time is always the charm;-) So I trust that this will be the one that I don't mess up and that I really get to post.

I am so excited that after only one week I have a few followers and I have already talked to and gotten wonderful suggestions from fellow bloggers. I am truly blessed and trust this will be the much needed change and encouragement I need in my life at this time. Please keep the suggestions coming. Thank you so much!

Warm Regards, Cindy Lew

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  1. Hi CindyLew,

    First, I want to thank you for following my blog and then I want to say...PLEASE don't throw any of your artwork away. Almost EVERYthing I do is a reject that I just kept plugging away on. Sometimes the simplest thing will totally change the whole picture. Having said that, nothing beats "practice makes perfect".

    Let the magic in you come out...


    Create your life,



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