Monday, February 14, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Books

The picture is not the best (taken with my iPhone-sorry), but I was just going through some of my books tonight and thought I would share some of my favorite books with you. I just got the newest of my much anticipated books this weekend. If you have not picked up a copy of Pam Carriker's new book (Art At The Speed Of Life), you really should........ She is an awesome artist and I love the book and of course her work. I have not had a chance to read the whole thing yet, but much like Kelly Rae's (Taking Flight) and Tim Holtz – Compendium of Curiosities books, it gives you step by step instruction on how to do the projects. Each page is beautiful, much like Kelly Rae's book. Of course it goes without saying that any and all books from Stampington & Co.  are as awesome as they come and I really love my book on Acrylics – Altered Surfaces. It has so much information in it that has truly helped me with my color choices. Of course I can't forget Journal Bliss by Violett If you have not seen her book or her art, you are in for a treat, she is awesome. She is one of 16 artists hosting a free online challenge. It’s called The Sketchbook Challenge - It is a yearlong project that you post your art work to. They give a theme at the beginning of each month and you contribute art that goes along with that theme. Each artist gives their own point of view on things and contributes in their own way to the challenge. I am guessing by now you have figured out that I am all about "FREE"….. Of course I just had to throw in the Visual Journal by Strathmore because I just purchased a few after signing up for the free online courses that they are offering at I don't know about anyone else, but I am a sucker for a good book:-0.

Well now that I feel like I am a walking talking advertisement for all of these books, I guess I will dig into Pam Carriker’s book and enjoy it while I can. I have just had the worst news from my husband tonight, but I have to keep going otherwise I will lose it. Maybe that is why I was looking through the books. He has once again gotten laid off from his job. After being off for almost two years, he had just gone back to work. He worked for a few weeks; got laid off for three weeks and has worked for a couple of months. Not long enough for us to get caught up on everything, but we are grateful that he has worked, because it has truly been the worst time in our 31 years of marriage. Now once again, he is laid off. I am not sure what to think any longer. But I trust we make it through this.

Love and Light, CindyLew

Some of My Favorite Books


  1. Oh Cindy Lew I am so sorry hubby got laid off again. Don and I are retired and have had to help one son who is changing careers at 39 years of age. Don says they are getting their inheritance early but they need it now.Thankfully the other son has a secure job so far. You both are in my prayers that you can weather this storm.

  2. I love books too...and I really love your love of books in this post! It was such a cute read!

    I do hope you and your hubby can find a way to make through tough times...but you've managed thus far, and you seem like a positive I have no doubt you'll get through with flying colours...

    'free' is never ever a bad word in my books!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. Girl ... your blog is awesome ... Congratulations to ya!


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