Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

Welcome and Enjoy!

Please visit for information on how to join in on the fun for Pink Saturday.

Enjoy the morning coffee while looking through the beautiful pinks.

The Morning Coffee!!!

Some Chocolate to go along with the Coffee!
Beautiful flowers to look at while
having the morning coffee.
I so what this!!!!!!!
A good book to take on a trip!
A Pretty Dress
Can't decided which one's -
Take them all. LOL.........
And of course -
Something pretty to carry
everything in!!!!!

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and a Blessed Week!!!

Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew


  1. Thanks for sharing these sweet pinks with us. I love the dress form the best. I have one but she is not that pretty so you have inspired me to dress her up a bit more. Happy PS!


  2. Wonderful pinks!!
    Hope you are having a restful weekend my friend!

  3. wow, those shoes! And that Hershey´s kisses box in PINK...omg!!! I have been to Hershey, PA ...when they are making their chocolate the whole town smelled like CHOCOLATE....unreal. I think they went or will be moving the factory though. Have a great pink kind of Saturday!

  4. Love all the pink images, I'd love to have that pink pitcher too. I've been looking for a vintage dress form,but waiting on the right price.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Cindy, What wonderful pinks you posted today! I hope you are feeling better! Hugs Marilou

  6. Very pretty pics! The Hershey's box--pink, aqua and chocolate--love it! Happy PS!

  7. Such lovely pinks, CindyLew. I would get all dressed up in that gorgeous pink gown, slip on those pink shoes & take a pink walk down to Hershey's for those deelish chocolates.

    Have a lovely PS week ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Geeze, I don't know what thing I love most! They are all so lovely :O)

    Hope you're having a lovely PINK weekend.


  9. Totally love the pink jug but that chocolate box is a delight.

  10. I love your pink post!
    The pink suitcase and umbrella are my favs!!
    Happy PS!
    Make sure and stop by for a chance to win my little pink inspired giveaway:))

    Kay Ellen

  11. A lovely post fill with some of the nicest pinks ever.

  12. Who wouldn't love pink, with all those wonderful pictures...happy PINK...sure wish I liked to get up early...but late night just has ahold of me...

  13. Hi CindyLew! Nice to meet you. I haven't seen your pretty blog before. Such pretty pinks you have for us today. I am loving that pink dress, and Hershey box! I just became your newest follower. Hope you will come by and visit me too!


  14. Hi Cindy, Are you feeling better? If so can I swipe a photo of you or Something off you blog for your link so I don't have ? mark on your badge? Let me know or I could maybe scrunch down your header to a smaller size or just you r sweet face. If not I'll leave it or remove the ? until you have it fixed. Hugs Marilou feel better you are missed!


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