Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100th Follower - Finally!!!!!!!!


I finally hit 100 followers and I am so excited. Mary Nasse is the 100th person to follow my blog so I will be posting her little gift shortly. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the inspiring words I receive from everyone.

This is a bitter sweet time for me because eventhough I am looking forward to school getting out next week so I can work on my art; today is my last day with my seniors and I enjoy them so much.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!

Warm Wishes, CindyLew


  1. Congrats on your reaching the number of 100 followers!
    Have a wonderful vacation from school teaching!

  2. Great stuff CindyLew!
    100 followers is only the beginning and you'll not believe how it just keeps on growing!! Congratulations....I am so happy to be one of your followers.

    Thanks for visiting....sounds like you are gearing up for a fun summer. I too am looking forward to delving into my art!!

    Ciao Bella!


  3. So excited to be your 100th follower, too!

    I can so relate to this post...although I look forward to summer and more studio time, too, tonight is Graduation and saying good-bye to seniors I have taught art to for 4 years.

    So glad again that I found your blog!
    Mary C. Nasser

  4. Congratultions!! Your first 100 followers! Here's to the next 100!

  5. Hi! I found you off of Debbie's Newby party. Your artwork caught my eye: it's really pretty and I love the bright colors!! Nice to meet you! :)

  6. I'm back to wish you a great weekend!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  7. Congratulations! 100 followers! I only have 26, and it's been sitting at that number for a long time! enjoy your summer! What lucky kids to have a teacher that loves them so!

  8. Oh Yeah, I also was looking at your "Tutorials" page and couldn't find a place to comment, but I would love to learn a bit more about how to make my blogger blog site a little more appealing. I love how you have your's set up with cool fonts and stuff!


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