Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trying To Help - Day 4 of My New Journey


no walks for me today, but i did have a most interesting day; one that one hopes to never have to deal with, but something that needed to be done so i trust i did the right thing. i have (we will call a friend) that has many issues, alcohol, drugs and mental combined; so i volunteered to take her to see a rehab facility today to check it out and see if it would be a good fit for her so she can hopefully get better. the sad thing is that she actually has everything that most of us want........... a business, a home, money in the bank and whatever else one needs to live these days but for some reason it is not enough. i am not even going to pretend that i understand the issues that she deals with on a daily basis. because as i see it, don't judge until you walk a mile in someones shoes, so i opt to try and help and trust that i make good choices while helping. knowing that i am not capable of even understanding what is going on in her head except a lot of self loathing that has been brought on since childhood. so.............. i've been up since 3:30 this morning with her texting me about getting to her house and picking her up because we have an 80 mile trip in front of us and we had to be there by 9am to meet with the program manager. so by 6am she is still not ready because she is so frazzled that she cannot function and get ready, so........i just say - get dressed and ill pick you up no matter how you look because they are just going to talk to her/us about the facility. so i get there and surprise, surprise, she is ready at least. maybe not in the best shape but ready, so i tell her to bring a blanket and a pillow and sleep on the way, figuring she had been drinking the night before. which of course is why she needs help, along with many other issues. so off we go, raining like crazy and still dark out. we get there on time. this is by far the worst i have ever seen her; mentally and otherwise so i trust they take her because she was really not able to interact with the program manager to explain her situation or ask questions. so i did the best i could and asked as many questions as i could think of. i guess in the back of my mind i want to make sure that the facility can help her as a whole and that they are equipped to take care and deal with all of the issues she has. so i asked and asked questions, so now we are waiting to get a phone call from them to talk to someone else about the "fit". im not convinced that this is the correct place, but i want her to get better but believe she needs long term care because we already know that short term, as in 2-3 months is not long enough (been there/done that). i cant believe that in our society that we do not have facilities that can help someone that has multiple issues unless you are poor or homeless. its a sad day when they will not take someone in because they are not a drugie off the street, eventhough they need help as much as any poor person i can think of. i wish with all my heart that i knew what the answer was for her because i would not want to be her for a minute, but the fact that the system has become so broken that there is no help for a middle class person is beyond me. i am at a lose as to what to do for her, but just keep trying until we find something that works. otherwise where does this leave her??????

got this off pinterest, but thought it fit the day

Love, Light, & Harmony


  1. I am in complete agreement with you about mental health care. I think you are doing a lot to help her-sounds like more than anyone else is doing if she is turning to you for help. You can only do so much and still care for yourself. I will add you friend to my prayers. Everyone has stories and events that they keep bottled up inside that we don't know about. Not all of us are strong enough to deal with those secrets. I hope this place can help your friend ♥

    1. i think you hit it on the head. i really feel like its a case of how strong we are and not in a bad way, but each one of us has are own issues and deal with them in a different way. she must not have been taught any personal skills as a child and from what i understand her mother didnt really want children anyway, so that makes it that much worse. thank you for adding her to your prayers because i have no idea what to do for her but trust that we find a place; whether it is this one or another one that can help her long term.

      thanks again for checking in.

      love, light, & harmony

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